The Board is the third episode of Misadventures of Derpy and season 1. It was confirmed that this is the series finale.

Synopsis Edit

Derpy tries out tricks on his skateboard, but it all goes wrong.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with Derpy riding his skateboard through a skate park. He pulls of multiple tricks, and decides to go off the ramp.

In his last trick, he picks up his skateboard while in mid-air, but accidentally breaks it in half once reaching the ground. He ends up dying from the impact, and becomes a ghost. He is then sucked through a portal into the 3D world.

Characters Edit

• Derpy

Trivia Edit

• This episode wasn't originally planned to be a finale.

Goofs/Errors Edit

The title card misspells "misadventures" as "misadventers".

It also mistakes the episode for being the fourth episode of season 1.

The end card misspells "continued" as "countied".