The Phone is the very first episode of Misadventures of Derpy and season 1.

Synopsis Edit

Derpy receives a phone call from a gun-wielding maniac.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with Derpy getting a call from an unknown number. He picks it up, and listens to a mysterious voice on the other end. He ignores it, and puts the phone back down.

The mysterious man then enters the house with a pistol and shoots at Derpy, but Derpy quickly reacts and dodges his bullet.

Characters Edit

• Derpy

• Gunman

Trivia Edit

• The introduction to the episode is the only time it is seen in the series.

• The Gunman makes his only major appearance in the series in this episode.

Goofs/Errors Edit

The video ends before the animated text "To Be Continued" finishes appearing.